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Welcome To My Sanrio Page
Hi People, I hope u guyz like this page. It's all about the japanese originated characters, Sanrio. You must have seen them somewhere b4. So enjoy bye bye!!!

Sanrio Links

All my Sanrio Links!!!
contains a few right now.. but i still have a lot more to add!!!

ThE   SaNrIo   ChArAcTeRs!!!


HeLLo KiTTy:

Hello Kitty was born on November 1. She is the first character introduced by Sanrio. She was born in London, England and she lives with her parents and her twin sister MiMi.She currently is enrolled in the third grade. She like to travel, listen to music, eat cookies that her sister bakes, reading, and most of all making new friends!!!


Badtz-Maru was born on April 1. He is a trouble-some penguin that lives with his mom and dad in Gorgeoustown. He is in the first grade at Gorgeous Academy and plays with his girlfriend Hana Maru, and Pandaba. Afte school he walks his nice pet alligato, Pochi.


Keroppi is a frog that was born on July 10. He lives with his mom, dad, brother, and sister in a house at Donut Pond, the bluest and biggest pond ever!!! He hangs out with his friend Den Den, the snail and Keroleen his girlfriend. He likes playing games especially baseball and boomerangs.


Pekkle is a pig that is a wanna-be life guard. He has a little trouble swimming so he can't. He was born on July 27. He is extremely loyal, especially to his girlfriend, Ruby and his fish Pich. He is a great dancer and body-surfer!!!


Pippo is an extremely talented Pig. He was born on December 16, and has his own apartment,. He lives right across froma park where he visits daily and tells stories to the robins especially his friend, Risu. Pippo is a extermely curious pig which sometimes gets him in trouble!!!


Pochocca is a popular leap year pup!!! He was born on Febuary 29, and is talented in sports. He loves to play basketballa nd be the goalie in soccer. He is a rare, vegetarian pup and his favorite food is banana ice cream.

LiTtLe TwiN StArS:

Little Twin Stars, KiKi and LaLa, were born on the Star of Comapassion. They asked Mother-Star and Father-Star let them on their journey to Earth guided by LaLa's star wand. Evereyone they meet they have been spreading happiness to.


Monkichi was born onJanuary 13. He has a best friend named Monta, another monkey. Monkichi id the only monkey that can eat 10 bananas in 1 minute. He wants to grow up to be a poet or a professional comedian.

PiCkE BiCkE:

Picke Bicke is a mouse that was born in the Sanrio Puroland Garden on Januray 1st. He has many large features for a mouse like an overgrown tail and big ears. But, he tries to imitate his friends!!!


Spottie Dottie was born on March 21 and lives in the fasion capital, New York. She is a stylish fasion expert who helps her friends look as fasionable as possible. Her dad is former chief fire dog. She wears a pink bow in her hair but sometimes replaces it with sunglasses!!!


Chococat was born on May 10 in his little house where he plays with his friends, Cookie, Nutz, and Jellybean. Chococat can be absentminded sometimes but it is ok coz he is always up-to-date with the latest news because of his ultra sensitive antenna whiskers. He gets his name from his little chocolate covered nose.

My MeLoDy:

My Melody was born on January 18, 1976 in the forest of Mari Land. She lives with her mom, grandmother, and her brother in their little, comfortable home where she bakes cookie with her mom. She is very honest and good and she loves to snack on almond pound cake!!!

PaTTy AnD JiMMy:

Patty and Jimmy are best friends in Kansas City. Patty is a little bit older than Jimmy is being born on February 5 and Jimmy being born on July 30. Patty is a tom boy and loves to play sports and read horoscopes. Jimmy is a good student and he loves to read and study.


Purin is a golden Retriever born on April 16. He wants to grow up to be a big dog just like his parents. He loves to spend his time either napping or going on walks with his friend Muffin. He loves milk and eating soft things like pudding.

TuXeDo SaM:

Tuxedo Sam was born on Anarctica in the South Pole. Although, he lives in England with his brothers Ham and Tam and a seal named Chip. He speaks his native language, Penguinese, and English. His hobbies including talking to his friends all over the world, and learning new languages.

All ThE SaNrIo ChArAcTeRs ArE So LoVeAbLe ThAt PeOpLe CaMe To ChEcK ThEm OuT!!!

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